Coordinate Map: Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined

Hi everyone

Forgive me my english is so poor
This morning , suddenly my GEO map display incomplete , I did not change any config yesterday , just show warring
Coordinate Map: Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined I have no ideal what happened .

ELK using last new version 5.5 include filebeat also 5.5

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Can confirm, all our 'coordinate map' visualizations started producing the same warning today. Creating a new visualization from scratch doesn't solve the problem.
I see no errors or 5xx response codes in my browser console when I open a map visualization.

The same problem. In my case the Kibana was freshly installed yesterday and was 100% functional. Now the map is not longer working.

I can also confirm this. Functional yesterday but not today.


Same for me, exactly the same version and symptoms.
Thanks for a quick solution :slight_smile:

Regards, Guillaume

I can also confirm this. It was working yesterday but not working today, I added following values




Now map is loading but its slow and ugly. Can anybody help with other settings.


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This one is better in loading and looking

WMS url =

WMS layers = OSM-WMS

Version = 1.1.1

Format = image/png

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