Error when trying to edit filter when using embedded iframe on top of kibana visualization

We have iframe embedded dashboards over kibana visualization and we see issues with editing filters. While we can still create dashboard filters and see the filters being applied, when you try to edit an already applied filter, all the applied filters go away and there is a console error like
Cannot read property get of undefined
I saw the same issue logged here When I try to edit a filter, "Something went wrong" occurs, how to solve it?.
There are no logs other than the console error. The version of Kibana is 7.5.0

You can also check it by editing the filter at;v=global%2Fcode%2Fgerrit%2Foverview-62781823-fe61-4018-b9f5-0307e226a1f7

Hi, I'm not able to reproduce this issue. Can you provide more details:

  • Are these 2 different Kibana dashboards embedded on a single page?
  • Are there any failed network requests in the browser?

Please take the details and file a bug in the repo of the Kibana code:

Since the error message contains "PhraseValueInputUI", it tracks down to the filter bar component of the data plugin. That information could help you add the appropriate labels to the issue.


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