Kibana filter issues on embedded dashboards

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my Elastic stack version from v7.11.2 to v7.12.0, and I'm starting to see some weird behavior on both filters and controls visualizations on embedded dashboards from Kibana. I guess the behavior I'm experiencing with the controls visualization is due to it using Kibana filters internally, which would mean everything is just a bug on the filters.

Searching through the different opened issues at GitHub, I've been able to find the ones that actually describe the problem that I'm facing right now:

Despite these issues saying that these problems were already present in v7.11.x, I can say for sure that it was v7.12.0 that introduced these bugs, since I've had a stable and updated cluster with all three v7.11.0, v7.11.1 and v7.11.2, and never experienced these issues before last Friday when I decided to upgrade the cluster to v7.12.0 after carefully reading the release notes.

Although the issues have been officially reported for almost three weeks now, I don't see they are attracting quite the attention they deserve, so I was wondering if this is not an isolated issue due to some specific configuration I have or it is indeed a version-wide bug. It could, of course, also be a browser compatibility problem with some new iframe policy I'm not aware about, but I've already tested it in all Chrome, Firefox and Edge (in their latest versions), and all three present the same problems.

Is this actually a bug? Has anyone been able to reproduce it? Has anyone found any feasible workaround so far while Elastic addresses it?

Hi @a.deharo, this is indeed a Kibana bug, and is version-wide. There hasn't been much activity on the issue, but I've been researching and building a fix. This should be available for 7.12.1.

As for which version it initially appeared in, I can double check 7.11 locally and see if it works correctly. If so, I will remove the 7.11 tag from those issues.

Thank you for raising this, and we will be in touch as things change.

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I was able to identify and patch the issue here:

It looks like the code that caused the issue was added in 7.11.0

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Thank you so much @devon.thomson for your quick response! Looking forward for the update to v7.12.1 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How curious, even with the code being introduced in v7.11.x, it didn't trigger any visible errors (at least to me) up to v7.12.0.

Any way, thank you so much!

Hi Guys,

We are facing this issue as well. Thanks for the upcoming fix. We use Cloud operator on K8 to setup our stack. Will the V7.12.1 release also include a new Kibana docker image with that new release? If we wish to do an interim fix before the docker image is available, can we use the code base and create a custom image?

Thank you very much.

@Phani_Vemuri yes, the 7.12.1 release will include the new Kibana docker image.

If you really need the fix immediately I think you can access the manifest file from the snapshot build this morning here and get the link to the snapshot docker image.
WARNING: You should not use a snapshot build in production. It is unsupported. In addition, upgrading from a production build to a snapshot build or from a snapshot build to a production build is not supported. Licenses are not compatible between snapshot and production builds. You may also have problems using a Kibana snapshot build with a production Elasticsearch build.
You should really only use snapshot builds for testing purposes.


Thanks, @LeeDr . I downloaded the Kibana snapshot and will use it for test. I am assuming that Kibana can run on a higher patch version than Elasticsearch.

How do we track an expected delivery date for the official build?


Just to confirm that the fix works after applying 7.12.1. Thank you

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