Coordinate map with additional layers provided by elasticsearch

How to create a coordinate map in kibana with additional LAYERS which is provided by elastic-search? (Default wms layers)

What are the values for :
WMS url
WMS layers
WMS version

Hi Ibrahim,

Not sure to fully understand your question but if you mean how to have more than one layer being retrieved by the WMS service you need to separate them with a comma.

This is my working example:

This is a sample dataset rendered on top of a Spanish national WMS service with the following details:

  • URL:
  • 2 Layers: TN.RailTransportNetwork.RailwayLink,TN.RoadTransportNetwork.RoadLink
  • Verison: 1.3.0

If on the other hand you refer to render different indexes as separate layers you can't do that with Coordinate Map, but it's possible with Elastic Maps application.

Let us know if this solve your doubt.

Thank you so much for your reply @jsanz

it's good to know that we can use comma separator to set multiple layers but my question was different.

I want to use the default layer provided by elasticsearch itself not any third party like (
Does elastic search provide any default layers? if yes, what is the configuration (URL, layers, version etc.).

Just for illustrative purpose do we have something like following
WMS URL: www.elasticsearch/wms/xxxx
WMS layers: xxxxxxxxx
version: 1.1.1

Thank you

Hi @rameez_ibrahim

Unfortunately Elastic Maps Service basemaps are not exposed through the WMS standard and you cannot set up which layers are displayed.


Thank you so much @jsanz

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