Coordonating statistics for coordonating nodes


I know that all data nodes (role) have coordinating role as well. If I make a coordinating node in a cluster, how can I check it's statistics and performance from an ordinary data node?

Thank you

The stats collection doesn't change if you change the roles like that, so pick whatever API you prefer.


Understood but how do I know if the coordinating node brings performance improvements in cluster? In what metrics should I look into?

Thank you

Hard to say without understanding if there's an issue you're trying to resolve.

But maybe things like load on the data nodes, CPU, query, threadpool etc.

Hello Mark,

The cluster is used for heavy searches, and I thought that adding coordinating nodes will increase performance.
Besides throwing more resources and search optimization, I wanted to know if coordinating nodes help as well.

Thank you

Dedicated coordinating nodes takes some work around request coordination away from tbe data nodes. The data nodes still fo most of tbe work so it is hard to quantify impact of adding this type of nodes without benchmarking with and without and compare. Am not sure how you would deduce anything from stats.

Based on your answer, how do I benchmark an ES cluster?

Take a look at Rally 2.6.0 documentation

Thank you for your answers and for the help. I will take a look into Rally.

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