Coordination Only node and how does it affect cluster

Hi everyone,

I did not find precise information about the topic so asking here.

I want to add Coordination only node to the cluster running it on same machine as Kibana is running. Then update Kibana config by setting elasticsearch.hosts to localhost:9200. I understand that new Coordination node will balance all Kibana queries to other data nodes in cluster.

Does it affect how other queries hitting the cluster are processed? Coordination only node will be part of cluster - will it be processing other requests to the cluster as well?

I would like it to be dedicated to Kibana only as I am not sure if it will be powerful enough to handle all the requests.

Cluster is 7 nodes, all data and 3 master eligible + Kibana.


@vatsoo I've moved this to the Elasticsearch topic as I believe you'll get better help there.

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