Copying data from one elastic server to different elastic server for specific time interval

We have 2 different elastic search servers, both having same version(5.5.2). 1st elastic search server has latest up to date data. Second server is having stale data, which is like a back up of one weeks old data. We copied the entire data folder from server 1 like a week ago. We need to only copy data for the a week from server 1 to server 2. Please suggest how to do so.
We have an index pattern of [rpa-trans-]YYYY.MM.DD. This index uses a time-based index pattern which repeats Daily

instead of copying files around from one cluster to another, take a look at snapshot & restore or reindex from remote

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Thanks Alex for the response.

But we want to move data depending on date range from first server. Please note that second elastic search server is also getting updated. We cannot replace the entire data on second server using snapshot and restore.

Please let me know if I'm missing something.

the reindex feature allows you to select data based on a query, would that work?

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