Moving data from one cluster to other cluster

there are situations where we need to copy the data (indices or timestamp range) from one cluster to another cluster. is there a tool or efficient way to get this done ? Any pointers will be useful. Thanks.

check out the reindex from remote feature

We have three clusters , which we will rotate between specific period of time. In this case would this help ? Also few cluster on 6.2.2 and one on 6.5.4 ... please let me know.

In this we need to change the clustername in elastic config everytime we rotate and restart the cluster. Would be good to know if we can achieve this without config change every time and not restarting every time.

I do not understand why you use three clusters, neither why you need to change the cluster name - it seems this has nothing to do with the initial problem. But I'd be happy to understand why you are doing this, so feel free to take a step back and explain further.

You can reindex from remote among different cluster versions.

we have 3 cluster at a given time. where one will be prod and remaining 2 will be backup. When one is prod , we will use other 2 as backup and once development is complete we will move one of the backup to prod. then the prod will become a backup. so we keep rotating the clusters. Given these situation , we may need to copy data from prod to backup as and when needed or when we find the gaps. So trying to understand how to fill the data in this situation ?

why aren't you using a single cluster with different indices and aliases instead? This sounds like a lot of operational overhead from the outside.

our projects demands this way. all clusters are similar with same indices. so when there is a gap in one cluster we want to copy the data to patch the hole. Anyway to accomplish this ?

You may want to check out CCR then. See

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