Correct way to have different databases connected to different elasticsearches

Hello all,
I am new here and kinda new to the way Elasticsearch should work (cause I am already working with it, but I miss lots of documentation principles).

We mainly use ES as a faster way to retrieve important data (instead of querying the DB).

The case I need help with is the following:
I have 2 different DBs, each referring to a different project.
What is the optimal way to have 1 ES for each of those DBs?
I tried creating 2 different ES services (although I read it is not recommended) and still failed :slight_smile:
Then I read I can configure 2 different nodes each with each own indexes and also look at different ports. How can I do that?
Is this the optimal way to achieve the result I need? Or there is a better way to have multiple DBs connected to different ES?

Thank you


What about one index per use case? But one single Elasticsearch cluster...

Thank you, I will