Correlate several events into one and visualize it

Good day. I want to monitor several services, which have instances running on several nodes.
I have several cases:

  1. for active-standby services I want to display service as 'up' only if I receive 'up' from one node and 'down' from another node. And, I want to display it as 'down' if both nodes are down, or if both nodes are up.

  2. For active-services I want to display status as 'up' if all nodes are sending 'up' status, then I want 'partial up' - when at least one node is sending 'up', and 'down' - when all nodes are sending 'down'.

The issue I currently face - is how to analyze events from different nodes and correlate them in one status? Could anybody, please, advise?

Thank you.

Hi Sergei. Is this related to the Uptime app? If so, we have a separate forum for those questions.

Hi, Nick. No, it's not about uptime. I want to create dedicated dashboard to visualize services status.

Hi Sergei,

Sorry, I'm not aware of any examples of how to do that outside of the Uptime app.

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