Could not able to install ELK in windows11

Hi Team,
As i need to do pattern analysis for log files. i had downloaded Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstack. But when i gave "elasticsearch.bat" in the command prompt, it is not getting installed properly, instead i got the message as in the image. Can someone please help me to solve this and also suggest the site or videos to follow the installation steps.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @priyanka_g Welcome to the community !

First please do not post screenshot of text they are hard to read and can not be debugged. Please post text and format using the </> button.

Please follow the official docs here

I am not sure exactly why you are getting the odd characters probably a localization issue but that data represents a proper installation.

You will notice your output looks the the output in this section...

You need to save all that information....

Then you can test the installation with the commands here Check the installation is running

curl --cacert %ES_HOME%\config\certs\http_ca.crt -u elastic https://localhost:9200

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