Could not able to open UI for some of the index-pattern

Hi, We have created some index-pattern using Kibana API. Now when we are trying to open some index-pattern from Management->Index Patterns then the page is not loading and it remains empty.

We observed that it happens only for some of the index-pattern, not for all.

Hi, welcome to the forums! This looks like a performance problem, and I think we can only give general performance advice that might not fix your problem. It could be caused by:

  • Very large index patterns, usually caused by having thousands of fields. This is sometimes related to mapping explosion, and the solution is to reduce the fields.
  • Response size as JSON. This can be solved by increasing the payload limit in Kibana advanced settings, but again might not be the correct solution.

You can use the Kibana API to delete the saved object and try again.

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