Couldn't able to create Visualizations using Visual Builder

I have upgraded ELK to 6.8 and enabled the Security feature, I tried to create visualizations with the Visual Builder, But I see the below error:

    The request for this panel failed The aggregations key is missing from the response, check your permissions for this request.


I was logged in thru elastic user, but still the issue persists. Could someone let me know how do I fix this. Thanks !

Hi @paul1243,

If you disable Security, do you still see this error? I know this error was misleadingly shown when Visualization was pointing to a non-existent index pattern in the past.


Hi @azasypkin-
I tried disabling the Security, but still the issue persists. This is seen after upgrading ES from 6.3 to 6.8.
Any work-around to fix this? Please let me know.

Thanks !

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