Unable to create new visualizations


I'm using a kibana instance hosted on AWS. I have a searchable index, but when I click 'Visualize' and expect to see a page of different visualizations I can work with, and then create through a webpage I am instead taken to elk/app/kibana#/management/kibana/objects/savedVisualizations/5.6.7?_g=() with an error message saying visualization type is missing and has a form for creating a visualization via code.

This also happens if I try and create a visualization via a dashboard, but I can create a dashboard (empty)
How do I enable / fix so I can use the WYSIWYG editor?

Are you able to create index-patterns?

No, I'm not. I get an error 'child "pattern" fails because ["pattern" is required]' and I don't have a time field to select in the drop down

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