Count endpoint of elasticsearch service results in HTTP 404

I'm attempting to use the elasticsearch service within my Kibana 7.4 plugin. The plugin works fine when using the search endpoint (I get a HTTP 200 response and search results), however the count endpoint results in a HTTP 404 (Not Found).

As I understand it, Kibana proxies searches to the elasticsearch cluster. Given I'm running a local dev server for Kibana 7.4 my searches use URLs like the following.

http://localhost:5601/fhv/s/<space name>/elasticsearch/my-index/_count
http://localhost:5601/fhv/s/<space name>/elasticsearch/my-index/_search

If I manually curl the count endpoint using one of the nodes in my elasticsearch cluster, I get a response including the count of documents matching my query (as expected).

Some sample code to help demonstrate what I'm doing in my Kibana plugin:

import {
} from '@elastic/eui';

// onChange handler for EuiSearchBar
euiSearchBarChanged({query}: {query: Query}) {
  /* es is my handle to the elasticsearch client instance.
   * Passed in as a React property to my plugin's component.
   * app.js lists this as a dependency for the Angular RootController --- e.g.
   *   `RootController($scope, $element, es) { ... }`
  const {es} = this.props;
  const esQuery = Query.toESQuery(query);
  const params = {
    index: 'my-index',
    body: { query: esQuery },

  // Error handler used and specifies a 404.
    r => console.log('count results', r),
    e => console.log('count error', e)

  // Logs search results as expected<MyDocType>(params).then(
    r => console.log('search results', r),
    e => console.log('search error', e)

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