Kibana elasticseach inaccessible

"statusCode": 503,
"error": "Service Unavailable",
"message": "License is not available."

does anyone help me with this kind of error, tried a lot of troubleshooting still did not work


What is the output of GET / on Elasticsearch?

Hello @dadoonet .

Here we go

Hello, any update please? thanks

Please don't post images of text as they are hard to read, may not display correctly for everyone, and are not searchable.

Instead, paste the text and format it with </> icon or pairs of triple backticks (```), and check the preview window to make sure it's properly formatted before posting it. This makes it more likely that your question will receive a useful answer.

Also, when I wrote GET / I meant its curl equivalent;

curl -k https://localhost:9200/

hello, i got this error when pasting the result here.

and we are only allowed to upload the file via images like jpeg

Can you do a screenshot on what you are trying to post before this error message is raised?

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