Count if field 1 bigger than field 2

Hi all,

Imaging that i have the data:
time. Person. Hours. limit of hours
datatime1 person1 5 6
datatime1 person2 7 6
datatime1 person3 5 6
datatime2 person1 9 6
datatime2 person2 5 6
datatime2 person3 20 6

And i want to count how many people crossed the limit on the most recent update.
I tried to use a filter Hours > limit of hours in discover, but seems that it didn't work as nothing appeared no matter time range...
Should this be possible? my idea was to use such a thing in Goal or metric of TSVB.

When searching in web i found answers like created a scripted field or a having that information in input like new field with True/False.


one way is you can use scripted field in index pattern.

Yes, but do we really need it? can't filter field1 > field2 in Kibana?

Hi i just created a new field in logstash, can be closed.

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