Count of orders in a certain state

I have data coming into elastic search throughout the day. Each data consist of an order or an order update. For example: Order A created, Order B created, Order A processed, Order A Shipped, etc...
The state of the order goes from created, processed then shipped.
I have the field order_id and order_status for each document. I want to have a count of the orders that are CURRENTLY in the processed state.
How would I be able to do that? Also I am using Kibana 4.6.4

Unfortunately I don't think you can do this with just one index pattern. Is it possible for you to create another index pattern which will have an update for order_status at the end of the day? Then we can use scripted fields to get processed value and then do a data table viz on it to get the count per day.


Hi thanks for the response!
If data is coming through real time that tells us the status of an order, do you have an idea on how I can differentiate the latest orders to only go into one index? It seems a bit complicated where I would have to tell Order A created to go into the new index but when Order A processed comes in, I would move Order A created to another index and put Order A processed in the new index.


This is definitely data modeling question. I will see if I can get help.
If I don't though would you mind asking in ES discussion forum?


Thank you so much! Any help would be appreciative!

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