Count of Records vs Count using formula


I'm using version 7.15

I have data that each record is a test results.

I'm trying to build this table, that contain failed tests only:
Test Name Fail Tests Count Success Rate (%)
Test 1 4 80%
Test 2 3 90%

First I did this, I used a filter to bring only the failed tests, but than I can't get the pass rate:

Now I want to add the "Success Rate" so I'm removing the filter that bring only the failed tests because I want to know the pass rate from all tests that run.

So I tried to replace the value of the column "Fail Tests Count" using a formula:

But I don't get the same results of Count of Records:

Why there are differences? Shouldn't it give the same result?


Hi @ShayWeizman

can you confirm that when using the Count function you've defined also a Filter by option with the testcaseStatus.keyword:Failed KQL query?

I've tried to replicate the issue on this example but it works on my 7.15 instance:

From here clicking the Formula tab should translate the Quick function configuration into this formula:

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 11.36.11

Which shows the same chart.

I've removed the filter from the global filters so I will get all results and tried to use count to get the failed tests.

I've removed the global filter (testcaseStatus.keyword: Failed) and set it as the one of the columns filter and it works as I expected. So this issue is closed

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