Create Data table with different counts in columns

I am trying to display 3 columns, One is total count other is pass count and the third is fail count

I can differntiate pass and fail request as follows:

If description contains 200. ie., @description : (+httpCode +200) then its pass else fail.

Any help moderators ?

Hi Sartaj,

Here I created a Data Table visualization and I used the Filters aggregation. I have 3 filters with the last one being blank and so that gives the total * count but you can delete that with the X.


Thanks a lot for reply @LeeDr , :slight_smile:

The Solution you have provided is really good.However, I have a doubt over here

The filter you have used is based on "response" which is a search parameter. But in my case its part of a parameter called description.

ie., @description contains the status code as " (httpCode : 200) " . So generally I use it as :

@description : (+httpCode +200) .

So the log group is "/aws/lambda/laaslicenseservice/CommonTestCO" which has a paramter @ description

Can you please tell me how can I include it in the filter ?

Any inputs, Anyone?

In my example, "response" is the name of a field in my index. In your case the field name you're interested in is @description so I think you can still do the filter the same way I did but instead use
@description:(+httpCode +200)

Did you try it? Did it not work?

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