Datatable - two counts with different filters

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Let's say I have these documents:

service1 INFO "log line 1"
service1 INFO "log line 2"
service1 ERROR "error 1"
service2 INFO "log line 1"

I know how to make a table with total counts:

service count
service1 3
service2 1

I know how to make a table with just errors count:

service count
service1 1

BUT, can I make a single table somehow? Different filters for each count??

service total_count errors_count
service1 3 1
service2 1 -



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Hi there, sorry but you can't do exactly what you're asking for. Could you file a feature request on the GitHub repo?


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Actually after some digging I think I may have a solution for you. In the screenshot below, substitute the geo.src field for your service field and the machine.os:ios filter for status:ERROR (or something similar to filter on the error field). The second filter is blank, which will give you rows with total counts next to rows with error counts.

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Thanks for the workaround! It's not as elegant as having the errors and total be in a single row, but it's something.

I will open a feature request on github. I think that what we need is to have a filter on the metrics, then I can add different filters for two count metrics.

Thanks again.

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