DataTable customized metric?

I'm trying to have a data table with 3 columns, where the 3rd column is a Status (Success or Failure)...I don't want the 3rd column to repeat as a different row each time---I'd rather I just had a calculation of percentage of success. Anybody know how I could achieve this?

During the Visualization process, I can't seem to get the aggregation option that I want for this, like percentile, etc.

You could achieve something like this by using a Filter aggregation(if you can have more than 2 values in the Status field, but you only care about Success or Failure, otherwise a Term aggregation will be good enough) in Pie Chart. So you have Data Table and the Pie Chart on the same dashboard where you get your current data on the data table and the success/failure ratio in the Pie Chart. Clicking on a value in the Data Table would set a filter which shows the success/failure percentage for documents matching that value.

Thanks for challenge was to get it to work in the Data Table only, without using another visualization.

That is not currently possible using the data table only, afaik

Actually, after some research, you could try this with the Filter Ration Aggregation in Visual Builder.
Here I just did a sample data table which shows what's the percentage of Firefox events split by process state (running or sleeping)

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