How can i allow null values in a data table visualization?

(Dhanashree Zope) #1

I have created a dashboard which contains a pie chart with two fields as error and success and a data table which is showing the counts of success and error. When i apply filter for error on piechart i am getting the data table as blank as it is getting null value for success column so entire table is displayed as blank How can i resolve this isssue?

(Stacey Gammon) #2

Have you tried creating a scripted field based of the field you are using for the columns that returns 0 instead of null?

(Dhanashree Zope) #3

Hi @Stacey_Gammon
Actually by null value i mean it is getting data to be missing for success as i am selecting error in my filter.So my concern is how can i resolve this because adding a field wont help as again the problem will remain same

(Stacey Gammon) #4

Can you give me some more information as to what your field mappings for error and success fields look like and perhaps a screenshot of your data table?

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