Replace Null to 0 if no records found in Visualisation

We have this visualisation created.
We want the CSV download to show the value as 0 not "null" for filters with no records.
Is this possible ?

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 6.12.21 PM

hi, Any suggestions?

Hi @bandodkarD

what is the configuration for the pie chart?
Can you share a screenshot of the Lens configuration of it? Are you using Count operation?

Not Count. Filters operation.

I meant the dimension defined as Metric.
Some operations, like Count, provide some control over null coercion to 0 via an advanced flag:

Yes its count.

Do we need to disable that radio button?

Yes, disabling it will cast null values into 0.

With option enabled:

With option disabled:

great!! Thanks

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