Counting unique values in y axis of a line/bar visualization

Hi there!

I'm trying to create a line/bar visualization based upon a query which returns all tests I run on my system. The main goal is to show a count of unique test titles on the Y axis (since some tests run several times a day, and I only need to which ran that day, not how many times), while the x axis is date histogram with a day interval and split series of the test titles.
The visualization shows all of the tests which ran that day. Looks like this:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, if you want to visualize the daily unique count for test, just use Unique count as metric on the test name field (like you are already doing) and use only a date histogram on the x axis. You don't have to split series because this will perform the following:
on each daily bucket, group all the documents by the fullName_keyword field, then on each group of documents (on each test) apply the unique count on the same field. This will result in a stacked bar chart each bar of height 1.
If you remove the split Series aggregation it should work as desired

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