CPU Utilization not showing correct value [ In heatmaps ]

CPU Utilization is showing the wrong value in Heatmaps...

In Azure portal CPU Utilization is 20% but in Heatmaps Visualization it is showing 90% and how to do Bucket script in Heatmaps. Please help me to sort out this...

could you please provide some more details:

  • configuration of your heatmap
  • some information about your index and sample document

Hi First I have deleted the Index because its size is 30Gb


again logstash pushed the index and it is re-created, phasing this issue illegal_argument_exception

Sorted illegal_argument_exception by changing the "fielddata" : true

When I run the following 2 operations and set fielddata = “true”, I get the customer and the host name splits multiple.

Please help me to sort out this......

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