Visualizing CPU usage

Hi all,

I'm trying to visualize my systems' current CPU usage which I receive through metricbeat. The field I'm interested in is system.cpu.system.norm.pct. As I can see in the discovery tab, the data is shipped correctly:

However, if I try to visualize the most recent value using a Gauge, I always get 0 as the value:

I get the same result with other aggregation types. The time range is exactly the same in the visualization as in the discovery.

I'm running metricbeat, elasticsearch, and kibana on version 7.1.0.

Thanks in advance.


So this is an interesting one - I tried using your field and it didn't work.
Then I looked at metricbeats dashboards which are pre-built and we have a nice gauge chart which shows us the cpu usage. And those charts are using
Field system.cpu.user.pct

and it works if I use it:

Do you know why you want system.cpu.system.norm.pct . field?


The problem somehow solved itself. Restarting Kibana did the trick. I don't know what happend but it works for now.

Thank you

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