Metric not being visualising in Gauge graph

Hi there,
I'm having issues in my gauge visualization. It does't react on the metrict at all - it stays at 0.
I use stress feature to stress 2 cores of my CPU at max. This gives me 50% CPU usage at the moment, cause I have 4 Cores. Metric is corresponding - shows around 0.5. See more on screenshots:

Kibana version: 7.6.1.
Metricbeat version: 7.8.0

Any help appretiated!

@jimmyvalmer19, I think you've got an issue with the number format here. From you gauge setup on the left, you've set up your ranges between 0 and 100 but if you look at the data for the field you're querying on, it's less than 0.
Data will only show when it matches the numeric ranges you've set in your queries.

@cheiligers Yes! i made it work. thank you!

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