Create a straight line that is dynamically controlled in a Kibana line graph visualization

I need to plot a straight line in my line graph. I'm plotting temperature over time. This line would represent the ideal expected temperature.
The problem is that this ideal temperature is reevaluated every 12 hours and I need to dynamically update this straight line over the entire graph.

So how do I plot a straight line using the latest value of a time-series data that is updated every 12 hours?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Can be done using Line chart using x axis of date histogram every 12 hours .You can also place another ideal line.
In settings, there is threshold value in panel settings that can be given as ideal value for temperature.
If you want a dynamic controlled line, you can create a scripted field and use that as seperate line.

we are working on adding dynamic threshold options to Kibana very soon. [Lens] Support dynamic thresholds based on data from the chart · Issue #87548 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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