Create a visualization that ignores currently selected time range

Is it possible to create a visualization that ignores the currently selected time range in a time based index?

Nope, I think there's a feature request for it.

I found the feature request - Local visualization time, independently from global dashboard time.

I need in the near future so I guess I will have to develop something similar.

I found this Visualization-specific time filter pull request. It seems like it can serve as a good starting point. In terms of UI, I want to do something different - I want to show a time range selection control on the visualization itself.

Any suggestions/ideas for the journey I am about to take?

I am a developer and I had to do this on a vis once (A custom visualization for a customer).

It's kind of hard to have a custom visualization "ignore" the filterManager. The workaround I found, was to actually create a copy of all the current filters, reload, and then set the filters again.

I can help out if you want.

Check out some other examples of custom visualizations here

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Thanks @JuanCarniglia. I found this pull request that IMHO can serve as something to start from.