Create aliace name for fields in discover

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my fileds name in index are :category_code, userdata1,userdata2 ,userdata3 .

for events by category_code= 1 then userdata1 means name ,userdata2 means family ,userdata3 means phone
for events by category_code= 2 then userdata1 means ip ,userdata2 means domain ,userdata3 means mac_address
and many other category_codes

i have to saved discovery for category_cods , for clarity i need save some alias name for those fields.but there is nothing to do that.
i dont like do this in logstash or change data structure.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Changing the data structure and use meaningful names sound like the right thing to do.

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are you shore?
this is can not apply ,another software create logs and use this structure in mysql database too.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

I am not sure I understand.

(al) #5

in sql server reporting service we can do this like a charm .
and in kibana discover need something like that ,please make it.

(Robert Cowart) #6

The real issue here is that some places in Kibana allow you to specify a display name for a data point, and others do not. Saved searches stand out here as a place where you cannot. It would definitely be a useful feature for creating more user-friendly dashboards.

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