Create an index with 0 replicas using terraform

I am trying to use the latest terraform provider, currently 0.5.0 to create an index with no replicas into an existing Azure managed deployment.

I can successfully create the index, but I always get 1 replica, even though I am setting number_of_replicas to 0.

Does anyone have an idea if I am doing something wrong or the provider is at fault?

The terraform is very simple - like the example below (I've hidden the name and mappings details):

resource "elasticstack_elasticsearch_index" "test_index" {
  name = ...
  mappings = ...

  number_of_shards   = 1
  number_of_replicas = 0


Not familiar with terraform, but you should be able to create an index template (in elastic through kibana) where you can specify that any index (ex: test_index*) by default has 1 primary and 0 replicas. My guess is you then wouldn't have to specify that in terraform. Hope that helps.

Hi Andrew - thanks for the suggestion. I guess that would probably work and would be a workaround - but it's a bit hacky. Looks like this is a known bug in the provider - also it seems to have been reported and close although it's not fixed. See here.

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