Create dynamic labels from a part of es request


I try to create a vizualisation with Timelion with dynamic labels ( extracted from request response )

For example: the following search in Discover tools :slight_smile:
message: "SQL ERROR"

results in following response:
SQL ERROR occurs in DATABASE ORACLE_DFS01 at 15:01
SQL ERROR occurs in DATABASE ORACLE_DFS02 at 17:05
SQL ERROR occurs in DATABASE ORACLE_DFS01 at 19:01
SQL ERROR occurs in DATABASE ORACLE_DFS03 at 20:01

I would like to create a vizualization in which i would count all SQL ERRORS for each database:

I would proceed as follow to extract dynamically the label from the result:
.es(q='message: "SQL ERROR"', index=ref_rfnd*).label("$1", " DATABASE\s([a-zA-Z0-9._-]+)")

But it did not work

Can you help me ?


Hi @tofmonaute,

I found this discuss question that may help by using split method: Dynamic label in Timelion doesn't work as expected


No, it does not help : it just seems ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE REAL DYNAMIC LABELS with Timelion

@timroes can you help?


if you want to group by the specific database and then count documents per each, you must make sure that the database id/name is stored in a separate field in Elasticsearch. If it is, you can use the split parameter in the .es function to group by that field. the label function simply specifies how the label of the individual series should be formatted, and doesn't group any documents together.


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