Create ElasticSearch cluster with 2 or 3 nodes

I need to create an Elasticsearch cluster on Ubuntu machines, but to ensure high availability I would like to have more than one node in case I need to update or upgrade the server.

Is there any material that teaches how to create this type of structure from scratch? Because I search and I don't know how to configure Elasticsearch in this type of environment.

It will never be accessible via the internet, only my VMs running on my hosting provider.

I will be working with data that may have been created months ago and retrieved for searches and reports, but more current data from the last 14 days will always be used for charts.
What is recommended in this case, using 2 or 3 nodes?

You must have at least 3 master eligible nodes in a cluster in order to get high availability in case one node fails. Please see the docs for further details and discussion.

I found this article here showing how to create a multi node cluster.
Does it have the right information for my type of situation?

Have you looked at the docs?

Yes, but they don't show which files to edit and which settings in each file to modify.

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