Create Field for Control Visualization

I am looking at creating a friendly ID for use in the Controls Visualization to aid in filtering dashboard results. For some reason, I can't seem to create a field which is available in the Field selector of that visualization.

I started off by just adding a field and populating the data in the index using update_by_query. This created a non-aggregatable string field, however a .keyword field was also created which was aggregatable. I refreshed the index pattern but neither of these was available in the Controls Visualization field drop-down.

So I manually created a keyword field, verified it was aggregatable, and populated some data to that field in the index. I, again refreshed the index pattern but still I cannot see these fields in the Field selector when configuring a controls visualization.

What am I missing? What sort of field should I be creating in order to allow the use of the Controls Visualization?

Hey @stevezemlicka, interesting. Could you confirm if you see this field when trying to create any other visualization (for example vertical bar chart or lens vis)?