Create fleet agent status table for a particular space

Hi Experts,

I want to create a custom dashboard for a space in my Kibana to show all agents registered to a particular fleet agent policy.

In order to achieve this I used

  • Index pattern .fleet-agents* with appropriate permission and timestamp as last_checkin.
  • Filter the results for policy_id created for required space.
  • Last by not the least use last_checkin_status
    Online for Healthy
    degraded for Unhealthy
    error for offline

However, I don't see agents with last_checkin_status = offline in my dashboard. Also if I create a search page in discover, it don't show offline agent.

Can someone please assist me on how I can

  • Show total count agents registered under policies {no matter what is the status of the agent}
  • Count of healthy , unhealthy and offline

Thanks, in advance!


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