Create graph on intervals of latency measurements showing percentage

Hello all,

I am new to the ELK stack and want to use it to create graphs on latency information. For each performed action the latency information is logged. The goal is to create a graph on this latency information showing:

  1. All measured latency values are divided over certain intervals. In this case the width of each interval is 1 msec. As a result we have a counter, per interval, on how many times the measured latency was between the lower and the upper limit of the interval.
  2. Using the counted values we can calculate a percentage per interval.
  3. The sum of the percentages is also calculated.

Up to now I have written dedicated python code which is less flexible and prone to error. The current graph is attached. So using ELK seems to make a lot of sense. Unfortunately we have not succeeded in creating the desired graph using Kibana.


You might not the exact same graph but I think Timeseries visual builder should help or vega viz.

Here are some resources:

Hope this helps.


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