Create hyperlinks in logstash

In my logstash output, I have set up an email output that looks like this (put it for reference, doesn't really matter):

# If our honeypot (called cowrie) gets someone, send me an email

if [log][file][path] =~ "cowrie.json" {
    if [message] =~ "^New connection" {
    email {
      from => ''
      to => ''
      subject => 'Honeypot Alert'
      body => "Someone interacted with the honeypot!\nDetails: %{message}\nClick here to view the dashboard."
      domain => ''
      port => 25

I want to set up a hyperlink so that the word Click here would be clickable and directed to a link (the dashboard). much like this sentence is clickable.

Is it possible to do?

Thanks ahead!

Use the htmlbody option instead of body.

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Thanks for the response!

May I ask how the syntax for a link would look? Also, would a new line remain \n?

I have never used it, so I cannot say.

thanks for that , using hyperlinks is a client requirement for me and my emails are getting queued and i wonder what is queued meaning in gmail

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