Create instance of elasticsearch

I have a cluster with 4 nodes of Elasticsearch. 2 of them are in datacenter A and the other 2 are in datacenter B
Here is my concern:
I want to run an instance of each node in another datacenter. For example node1 and node2 are in A ,node3 and node4 are in B
I want to run an instance of node1 in node3 and run an instance of node2 in node4 and also run an instance of node3 in node1 and run an instance of node4 in node2
How can I do this? What measures should be taken?
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I do not understand. What are you trying to achieve?

Thank you for your response

I want to make an instance of each node, just for sure, if one of datacenters breaks down, my cluster will be remains the same

You can not deploy a highly available Elasticsearch cluster across only 2 data centres. See the docs for further details.

Thank you so much
Ok, another point came to my mind:
It is about primary shard and it replica...
Imagine, there is a primary shard in node1 and its replica is in node2 (in 1 datacenter)
Hears the deal: How can I make more replica shard from a primary in node1 and distribute it into node3 and node4 ?
I hope I was able to convey my meaning to you
Thank you so much

Increase the number of replica shards. This is an index level setting.

Thanks for your response

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