Create kibana visualization between 2 fields

I am new to elasticsearch and kibana. I am trying to visualize one field against another field in kibana.
For example, X-axis contains the jenkins build number (field 1) and Y-axis contains number of tests ran on that jenkins build (field 2).
How can I draw a chat against these 2 fields?

Hi, welcome to the discuss forums! This should be possible using the standard visualizations in Kibana: Lens is what I would recommend if you're new, but the concept is the same for a bar chart or heat map visualization too.

On your X axis you will create a "Top values" or Terms aggregation, on the build number field.

On the Y axis you will create a metric that depends on how you're storing "number of tests". If the # of tests is the number of documents, then use count. Otherwise, maybe you store # of tests as a field. You can use sum on your field.

Thanks Wylie. I somehow overlooked the lens type.

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