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I have been struggling with this issue for many days. I ask you to help. How to create your own links for each log, let's say, through _doc _id. Since each _doc has a unique _id, right? Is it possible to generate links based on the document _id?
Thanks for your response.

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Links to where exactly?

Hi Mark Walkom,
Thank you for replying,
Link to exactly each log.
Example: Now I have a link log with a timestamp, which means when you click on a link for 5 minutes, you can watch this log, but after 5 minutes, you have to change the time. It is not comfortable. Is it possible that they can make links for each log to use single documents view? Whenever you click on this link, you will land on this log.
Thanks for your response.

Hello @bekk777 ,

If I understood you correct, you need to click on some log timestamp that you need as hyperlink and on click of that you'd like to land on that log?

I guess this is not supported by elastic default table visual. I also needed same functionality sometime back. I used Enhanced data table plugin, using it you would require to send your data from backend as hyperlink and the data is able to parse html content.
<a href="ww.linkto">28-03-2023</a>
Something like this.
This kind of functionality in kibana tables are highly desired.

Thanks for answering.
I can say yes and no :grin: :grinning:. Let me try to explain again: Now I have a link that was made from the Discovery panel ----> Share ----> Permalinks -----> Short-URL ----> Copy the Link and send this together via an alert, and so that if you click this link (Always the same link) before five minutes expires log come to Elasticsearch, then you can't find this one, so you have to change the time on the panel Discovery. Hard to explain :grimacing: :roll_eyes:. I just want to know if it is possible to generate a link based on the document id in Kibana.
Thanks for response.

Ok,For your last statement:
I just want to know if it is possible to generate a link based on the document id in Kibana?

Index pattern->scripted field:

if (doc['requestId.keyword'].size() > 0) {
  def requestId = doc['requestId.keyword'].value;
  return "<a href='http://abc:5089/ui/#/pagemanager;requestId=" + requestId + "'>" + requestId + "</a>";
} else {
  return "";
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Thank you, I will try today.

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