Create Hyperlink in kibana 6.2

(Anup Ghoshal) #1

Hi All
I am using kibana-6.2.4-x86_64.rpm
My Use case is as follows

I have one data field as below

  1. log_url = http:/xx.yy.zz/dir/result/output.log
    Using the above filed I could create a scripted field using painless to get the logfile name as below.
  2. logname: output.log

But now I want to create a hyperlink as below which can be clicked by kibana view and it should directly download the logfile in the system. is it possible usecase ?
3. loglink: output --> http:/xx.yy.zz/dir/result/output.log
log_url value is too big to show in the dashboard hence looking for any hyperlink/label just to click and download.

(Bill McConaghy) #2

You should be able to edit the index pattern definition, edit that field definition so it is a link, and then format that as you wish.

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