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Hi All

Currenlty I'm creating a new dashboard for PostgreSQL log (Using filebeat as a client) but after pass the "Check Data" option for module status with an Ok I clicked on "PostgreSQL logs dashboard" but I received this error "Could not locate that dashboard (id: 158be870-87f4-11e7-ad9c-db80de0bf8d3)" I was looking on google for an answer but didn't find anything, please your help if maybe one of you had this issue in the past or a link with a description to create de views for PostgreSQL properly.



Here is the link to the json for that dashboard on Guthub.

You can copy it to a text editor and save it as Filebeat-Postgresql-overview.json and then import it as a saved object. If you have all the underlying visualizations it will load up just fine.


Thanks for the information

I made the process but when I upload the json file for visualization I received the following message:

" Sorry, there was an error

Saved objects file format is invalid and cannot be imported."

I'm new in ELK, First I though it was an issue with the editor but I tried with several with the same error.



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