Issue with Importing Syslog Dashboard in Kibana

I finished with the setup of my ELK stack and successfully I got the syslog data into kibana under discover tab. Now I want to have a Syslog Dashboard based on my logstash index.

I found following source as Syslog dasboard kibana to save it as json file and then import it in Kibana:

I saved the file as json file on my PC and from Management --> Saved Object --> Import
tried to import the syslog dashboard json file, but i got this error message:
Saved Objects: Saved objects file format is invalid and cannot be imported.


Any help with this issue or how can i load the template by using command? Please be aware that I am using the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to implement my Logging System without using the filebeat, or other plugins. So i found commands to load the json templates but all of them used with filebeat or topbeat ... and considered with loading index pattern templates not dashboard templates.

Hello Hamid,

Beats in our elastic stack ships custom dashboards and and the command you saw in our docs is for loading those dashboards. When you load them - as long as you have the correct index patterns - you will have readymade dashboards.

The dashboard which you are trying to import is from a community member. The way you are importing is correct but we have no idea about this dashboard. It looks like it got updated an year back. So compatibility might be breaking for various reasons. Unfortunately we are not responsible for it. There have been so many changes to the stack too.

May be you can build your own dashboard?


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Thanks for your reply. Yes maybe I have to build the dashboard. My main problem is all filters/Criteria and even charts are seem to be good for monitoring not for logging purpose.

I will try to read the code and understand it maybe i can use the code to build my dashboard.

@bhavyarm Finally i got the solution for my request with building Syslog Dashboard or even Apache/web server logs Dashboard, by enabling modules in Filebeat, and these modules after running bash command in filebeat directory ./filebeat setup -e will build all dashboards including the Syslog and Apache dashboards.

How to configure the Filebeat's Modules:


Awesome. Glad it worked out for you.

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