Create new metricset for windows services states

Hi @andrewkroh. Because there some requests for having a collector for windows services, i have decided to create a new metricset to collect windows service states. It's very basic at the moment and i don't know if you have this on your roadmap. If you like you can look here. Please tell me if this feature is needed or not.

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Thanks for taking the initiative. Can you please open an issue on Github for the feature. Include some info on how the feature would be used (like what problem it solves), a short config example (just what you think the config would look like), and an example event showing what kind of data would be produced. This will give everyone that reads the issue a quick understanding of what you are proposing and help move the discussion along. Again, thanks!


Please also link to the issue here, just so others can check it out :smiley:

See here for more information on github.

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