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We are using metricbeat to monitor containers in our environment. We need to create an email alert to get triggered when any container's CPU usage exceeds 70%.

I was trying to create a rule under "Alerts and Insights" using "Rules and Connectors", however, in the section where it asks to define the Elasticsearch query its only allowing Query DSL not KQL. I watched one video where there was an option to define Elasticsearch query in KQL.

Has KQL been removed from "Rules and Connectors"? If has been removed, is there any tool/way I can convert KQL to QDSL?

My intended KQL is " : * and >= 0.7". We're running ELK 8.1.


Hi @nitisha

For your alert you should try metric threshold it should cover the case, in fact it is specifically made for this case and is MORE powerful / flexible that just a DSL Alert
You can have critical and warning levels
Filter by KQL
Group by etc

Here is a sample I don't have docker on this cluster but should point out how

Try that ... much better...

I think that came with a newer version not sure which it is in 8.7 for sure.. i just checked, but you should really try the metric threshold

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the prompt response. I tried it out, however, it didn't work.

I got it working with "Inventory" using the following config. with filter name as agent.hostname : name of the dockerhost.

Image 22-05-23 at 4.31 PM

(used low values just for testing purposes)

Another query which I have is, while specifying "Actions", is it mandatory to use pre-defined actions like {{ context.something }}? Reason being, currently the logs are showing when I used {{ }}, I would rather like to display How can we customise our own actions ?


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