Create visualization like inventory in metrics tab


I have created infrastructure monitoring dashboards without using metricbeat as currently there is no support for power machines. I haven't used ECS mapping.

I want to create a similar visualization below in dashboard which will have few metrics and upon threshold breach for any of the metrics, box should change color.
Is there any way to achieve this.

Also wanted to know on what factors is the range or the color shading calculated below.


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Bryce Fernandes.

Assuming you are using Kibana.
Try metric visualisation.

Hi @AClerk,

Thanks for replying.
Let me explain what I am looking for:

I have 7 hosts with memory and cpu metrics.
With the help of metric in tsvb I have created 2 visualizations for cpu and mem by hosts with color rules.

What I want is 1 visualization having boxes of hosts with background color be green or red.
The color should be calculated on basis of cpu and mem if any one of it is red, host box will show red else green.

I have created this.

Bryce Fernandes.

Unfortunately, there are no such visualisations.
What you have created looks awesome. What's wrong with it?

Actually business wants different views or levels for dashboards.

1st view will be Application view wherein if any infra related to it is not performing well it will be flagged as red.

2nd view will be all servers under that application to find out exactly which server.

3rd will be the metricbeat system overview kind of.

4th will be detailed analysis of that server.

Bryce Fernandes.

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