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i want to create an infrastructure dashboards which shows the health of all systems in one visualization, say i have 100 servers, i want to monitor them all with a single metric. What i would like is a visualization that displays a color: green if all are up, orange if some are having issues like high CPU usage and red if one of the servers is down. An example of it is in the picture below. I tried scripting an extra field which determines per document whether a value like CPU is above a certain percentage and then gives a point depending on the severity like; A server down is more severe than a CPU usage of 99% for a minute and thus gets a higher score. Depending on the value of the score the color of the visualization changes. This way is a lot of work to do for all servers though and also, the point system should be updated every time a server is added.
Do you have experience building a dashboard like this or do you have an idea of how to acomplish getting all infrastructure performance in one visualization?


Hi @Rick_V Welcome to the community...

Have you considered using the Built In Metrics Inventory App see here

It is pretty much purpose built for what you are asking for..

You can Group, Sort, Select customer Metrics use Custom Colors / Scale etc...

You can right click and get to details etc.

There are some custom visualizations you could build but perhaps start with a look here...

Hi @stephenb,

thanks a lot for your response, i am aware of the obeservability functionalities in Kibana, however i want to make it simpler to look at and thus display all of them in one visualization/ block in which the metrics are combined and measured against a treshold. The color would be determined by the amount/ severity of the problem of a server and with a drilldown you are redirected to a dashboard with further detail. The reason that i want to have one visualization is that it is going to be displayed on a screen with three other subjects of insight such as application performance and platform performance.

Would someone have a suggestion on how to achieve this idea?

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