Multiple VMs Data in single visualization

I've multiple VMs sending metricbeat data to multiple indices in ES. I want to make a graph which shows top 3 VMs with Highest RAM/CPU consumption and there should be thresholds and it should turn Red when it it let's say going beyond 75% and Green at all times otherwise

Any thoughts on how to achieve this?

When you say graph, what kind of visualization do you mean? Date histogram? Data table? Guage? Pie?

Most visualizations can have split series, so you'll want to do something like split the visualization by terms, use hostname as the term, and have it ordered by max of RAM. Some of the visualization types can have conditional formatting to illustrate their thresholds with colors.

It sounds like the guage visualization would be a good one for you.

Have you looked at the built-in metricbeat dashboards? Out of the box, you'd get a Data Table visualization that can show you at least the first part of what you're asking:

Go ahead and edit that visualization and you can see how it does its aggregation:

^ Kibana 6.5.4

Docs on Loading the Kibana Dashboards Load Kibana dashboards | Metricbeat Reference [7.15] | Elastic

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