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Data sets already in kibana index pattern.

I want build graph lile as follows using following data. its already created index in kibana

Please help me out only how to create graph.

  1. second column is day wise date but * i want its as month wise on x
  2. Incident Id column as count
  3. Priority column as bar. p1, p2, p3image

|Incident ID|Open Date|Priority|

|Ticket NA|26-Jun-18|Ticket NA|
| INC189984|26-Jun-18|P2|
| INC190142|26-Jun-18|P2|
|INC188047 |18-Jun-18|P1|
|INC186980 |14-Jun-18|P2|
|INC186440 |12-Jun-18|P2|
|INC185010 |7-Jun-18|P1|
|INC184638 |6-Jun-18|P1|
|INC184199 |4-Jun-18|P2|
|INC170829 |15-Apr-18|P3|
|INC168370 |6-Apr-18|P2|

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I want similar graph.

(Mark Walkom) #3

Create a date histogram aggregation as the X axis, with a terms sub aggregation, then Y axis as a count aggregation.

(Rajesh Chavan) #4

I want to take "priority" column as bars like P1,p2 ,p3 and month wise also or similar graph as above mention in image.

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